Big Market Trends

The Ether Binge:
Monetizing the Crypto Craze

Famed Angel Investor and Tech Visionary Howard Lindzon Dives Into
the Emerging Crypto Market to Find the Most Potential for Investments

Even among the smartest observers – thought leaders, venture capitalists, company founders, and engineers – there is no consensus about Bitcoin, the big name that’s led the world to the edge of a new and beautiful blockchain era.

There’s actually doubt about that part, too: whether what we’re seeing is indeed a giant leap or just a small step.

Yes, much of what’s happening in markets today makes no sense. But it is happening. And we have to expand our minds – and our imaginations – along with that action.

The most important thing right now, for you, is to get closer to the system.

It’s beyond time to wonder whether we’ve missed the big move. There will be plenty of big moves ahead – up as well as down.

We’re in a learning stage. And the best way to learn “crypto” is to own it.

Opportunities to become a part of this will present themselves… just as long as you’re ready for them.

Don’t go into this alone. Let famed angel investor and tech visionary Howard Lindzon guide you through the world of cryptocurrencies, a market that has serious potential, if you understand the value and are comfortable with the concept, in his latest report, The Ether Binge: Monetizing the Crypto Craze.

Howard Lindzon is the angel investor and visionary behind the launch of companies like StockTwits, Robinhood, LifeLock, Ticketfly and GolfNow.

He's been actively engaged in the financial community as both an entrepreneur and investor for over 20 years, building up a powerful network for discovering the market's next 1,000% gainers.

In this time, Howard's worked alongside ABC Shark Tank's, Mark Cuban and "The Godfather of Silicon Valley," Reid Hoffman, to name a couple. 

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