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What:     A Live Presentation with J.C. Parets
When:    Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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The Breakout Profit Code

How to Make $7 of Profits for Every $1 of Risk

During this ground-breaking FREE presentation, J.C. Parets will reveal a powerful new way of trading that allows you to completely ignore all the market “noise” that distracts investors from profiting from powerful stock breakouts. 

Even better, J.C. will demonstrate exactly how he used this strategy to capture 2,379% cumulative profits over an 18-month period and he’ll show YOU how to use it to turn every $1,000 investment into as much as $7,800!

J.C. spent years working to bring major Wall Street clients raw data as a research analyst. But now he’s re-tuned his system so he can share his research with folks just like you. His powerful 7X Cipher will help him decode, for you, which stocks are ready to break out higher…and which are going nowhere fast.       

If you’d like details on investing J.C.’s way—where every single time you have the chance to make $7 in profits for every $1 of risk—you simply must sign up for this exclusive live presentation.  

Do not delay—space is limited for this exclusive event!

About J.C. Parets

J.C. is one of the most in-demand market analysts in the world. He may be the only person that looks at over 5,000 charts a week covering a wide range of asset classes including; stocks, commodities, currencies, interest rates, bonds, and even crypto-currencies. He eats, sleeps, and breathes technical analysis.

He has had his work featured regularly on Bloomberg, ABC, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Fox Business, Yahoo Finance, Barron’s, CNN and Canada’s Business News Network, among other media outlets and is a regularly featured editor in Big Market Trends.

In his premium investment newsletter, Breakout Profits, J.C. uses a trading system he calls the 7X Cipher. With his proven ability to uncover profitable trading situations in the thousands charts he analyzes every week, he will deliver you weekly, simple and easy-to-understand actionable trading instructions that give you the chance to make $7 of profits for every $1 of risk.

He does the work that no one else does, sifting through millions of pieces of technical stock market data to uncover the regular patterns that will most you the most money. All while ignoring all the other market “noise” that’s out there.

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